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     At FREEHOSTARENA .com you get to know all the information regarding websites that offer free hosting. You may also write reviews and rate these free webhosts based on your experience.

     Free webhosts lets you host your websites without spending a cent. And FREEHOSTARENA .com helps you choose the best of the free webhosts.

     Inaddition to free webhosts and free domain name registrars FREEHOSTAREA .com will also feature websites that allow free file hosting, image hosting, video hosting, music hosting etc in the future updates.

     Even for those who have never created a website before, can use the tutorial below to create your own website completely free of charge, absolutely no previous knowledge required.

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Never created a website before?

     For beginers who havent created a website before, can take the below 'website creation wizard' which takes you through a step by step tutorial to create your website free of charge. The wizard helps you select the best free webhost and best free domain name provider. Absolutely anyone can create a website using this wizard.

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